Mastery of Real Estate and Note Investing Presentation – November 2019

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The 20/20 Vision

A 10 year real estate and note investing plan for 2020 – 2030

“Investors overestimate what can be achieved in ONE year (Get rich quick) and underestimate what can be achieved in TEN years (Get rich slow and steady)

Why the USA is still the perfect landscape for long term investment gains for the next ten years and beyond…

GEOPOLITICS – We are “prisoners of our geography” as a famous book states and the US has the best geography and the least worst political system on the planet.

DEMOGRAPHICS – It’s about young people coming up and contributing to an expanding economy through production and consumption that make an economy grow –  and these numbers can be easily tracked by historical birth rates in a country. The US has very good demographic future growth numbers.

“MAGANOMICS” – Lowest unemployment rates, strongest growth numbers in recent history, recognition and the will to address our biggest global challenges (China, among others) will steer us clear of a recession into continued untapped prosperity (largest energy producer in the world, etc.) for the foreseeable future

The US is also as strong as it has been in a tumultuous world littered with bad actors – Our best odds of avoiding conflict are at these times when we are perceived as a formidable, willing and capable force – I don’t see a major military conflict on the horizon.

SO… If a recession and/or a war are not on the horizon…

AND… keep in mind that (even if we are wrong) market dips can be opportunities that disciplined long term investors capitalize upon

If the landscape is stable – what opportunities should the prudent investor pursue ?

Make small (OPTION) investments on real estate and notes on the best collateral on earth (well located SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES) and hold them FOREVER.  The aberration in today’s market are all time low interest rates which allow the investor to make very small down payments on fixed 30 year fully amortizing 4 percent loans which allows this well located single family residence to do it’s job… which is – TO ATTRACT SOLID LOW MAINTENANCE TENANTS OR BORROWERS TO LET THE HOUSE PAY FOR ITSELF.

An example of this opportunity in today’s marketplace??

Read our post on The Veterans Administration foreclosure

This program is soo simple it is almost “done for you” – I personally bought over 30 of these VA foreclosures over the last 20 years – and have done very well.

Don’t like the landlord game – or maybe you are a bit more sophisticated “note investor” type – turn these VA’s into a very profitable and safe note investment.

Are you a pro? – well maybe go learn the non performing niche and take these loans at a fraction of their value and/or take the property “Subject To” someone else’s debt and have zero risk in the deal.

All of these topics and more will be covered in our upcoming Papersource seminar October 11-12 in Las Vegas.  This is a first and probably last opportunity to spend two days with me and some of my closest (and smartest and amazing) friends personally walking you through the philosophy, concepts and real deals that we have mastered over 30 years of the investment game.

Don’t miss it

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A “Note” To The Non-Performing Note Naysayers

The mortgage meltdown debacle of the last decade brought a unique opportunity in non-performing notes to the traditional note investment business – an opportunity most of the old school note experts did not take advantage of…

To this day I hear the “Senior Note Experts” with 30 years or more of experience recommending “extreme caution” to anyone asking their advice on pursuing the nonperforming note business.

They are absolutely correct in giving this advice to new note investors

One of my favorite Peter Fortunato quotes (and there are many) is when I overheard his answer to a student asking him what his thoughts were on the non performing notes business

Pete responded “Do you LIKE attorneys?? No? – then why would you even consider that litigious business???”

As usual – Pete hit it right on the head.

Another experienced investor friend put it this way – “Non- performing notes are NOT for the faint of heart” – also VERY true.

This business is the hardest thing I have ever done – but also, by far, the most profitable.

We started this non-performing note adventure in 2008 with years of serious study and a commitment to do whatever it took to realize the kinds of profits the experienced investors had realized. We traveled to every event (distressed debt, mortgage and servicing events, note conferences) and training around the country for years. We met and got to know the players and evaluated the good, the bad, and the ugly – developing key relationships with those that we grew to know, like, and trust.

We were searching for a niche for the small independent investor with limited funds and focused on non-performing notes secured by quality, owner occupied, SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES (with emotional equity) in good areas of the country that could be purchased for very small amounts of investment – usually 10 to 20 cents on the dollar. This is what we considered low risk “OPTION” plays – and we found them on JUNIOR liens which is a unique niche that the larger players do not play in.

We have mastered this amazing niche and are still very active in this market as of this writing – we purchased our latest pool of these notes earlier in 2019 and are actively working these opportunities.

The non-performing note business is the hardest thing I have ever done – but also, by far, the most profitable.

I make a very sincere and respectful offer to my senior note friends – join me in Las Vegas at our Papersource event on October 11-12. I will spend a half day going over this unique non-performing junior lien note niche – and if all of your questions regarding risk analysis, bad debt collection, bankruptcy, title, etc. are not answered – I will take as much time as needed afterwards to answer every one of your questions.

It is called “Mastering Real Estate and Note Investing – A Game Changer” – and we realize it is not a very humble title. We do not claim to know everything about the note and real estate investment business – far from it – but what we offer is to share the story of our own personal journey down the path to success in the real estate and note investment business as best we can.

Come join us…info and registration is at

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For the first (and maybe only) time – Gordon will be teaching a live two day event!

Mastering Real Estate and Notes Investing: A Game Changer

The story of what we have done and what we are doing now – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY WE DO IT

I’m known as the non-performing junior lien expert, but this real estate and note investing class will have much more.  Yes, I will spend an intensive half day focusing on how to make money in the treacherous non-performing note space, — BUT I will also encompass “THE KEY CONCEPTS” (as Tom Henderson says) and FUNDAMENTALS that will focus the sophisticated investor’s mind on building LONG TERM wealth in the real estate and note investing business.

October 11-12, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada

Limited seating, sign up today!
Papersource Seminars

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Real Estate and Note Investing Through VA Foreclosures


After 8 years – the Trump administration VA Secretary has brought back the most powerful investment tool for building long term wealth in real estate and note investing that I know of… THE Veterans Administration VENDEE FINANCED FORECLOSURE PROGRAM.

Over the last decade I have become known as the Non Performing Junior Lien expert in the note investing world, but my first investment started in 1996 with the purchase of a V A Foreclosure.  Where else can you make a small 5% investment (Option) as a down payment on a quality 3/2 Single Family Residence (SFR) in a strong location and have the fixed 30 year V A Vendee financing allow your high quality, long term tenant, (Buy and Hold) the ability to cover your mortgage and pay the house off for you.


Real Estate Investment

$200k House Value

$10k Down Payment (5%)

$1,200 Monthly Mortgage Payment

(4.5% fixed 30 year Vendee loan)

$1,500 Monthly Rental Income


Note Investment

“Owner Will Finance at 20% down, 8%interest”

$40k Borrower Down Payment (20%)

$2k Per Month Borrower income (net $500)


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the VA Foreclosure process get started?

A U S Veteran purchases a home with the zero down V A benefit program and loses it later to foreclosure.  The VA foreclosure division that guarantees the loan takes it back and sells (with amazing investor financing) to the highest bidder.

Do I have to be a Veteran to buy these foreclosures?


Where do I find them?

Contact the listed Broker for the property of interest

What are the terms of these investor loans?

5% down payment (plus closing costs), 30 year fully amortizing, assumable loans at 4-5% interest rates

How do I qualify?

A single, national lender took over the financing program in 2019 – They can prequalify you 

How many VA foreclosure investor loans can I get?

Unlimited – let me say that again….  UNLIMITED

Is it really that easy? 

No – nothing in life is – get over EASY and get on with it – 


I will cover this opportunity with specific examples at my upcoming training event October 11 and 12, 2019 at the Tuscany hotel in Las Vegas Nevada – for more information and details please follow this link to Papersource Seminars 

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The Asymetrical Option

Outback Rein April 2018

The Ultimate Option – The Non Performing Junior Lien

Gordon Moss – Las Vegas 2017

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Trump University

I am not sure how I feel about this years candidates for president of the U S but the process is certainly not dull. Donald Trump’s – TRUMP UNIVERSITY is making the national headlines as ammunition for his opponents attack on his character and past business dealings. Trump University appears to be Donald Trump’s attempt to leverage his name and brand in the real estate education business. It appears he might have “outsourced” the fulfillment of the product and coaching to one of these national information marketing companies that are infamous for charging exorbinant fees and delivering very weak content that is taught and coached by amateurs.

This TRUMP UNIVERSITY issue reminds me of a spoof we did several years back with two of my good and very talented friends. Take a look and pass it on if you like it.

Real estate guru’s are a topic of great interest to me – and I have devoted an entire chapter to them in my latest book “The Greatest Myths of Real Estate And Note Investing”. Stay Tuned