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The Lucky Speech

The opportunities have never been better in the real estate market.

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The 2020 Vision Growth Fund

Gordon talks about creating your 2020 Vision Growth Fund.

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Lease Options with Jack Shea

Gordon talks with Jack Shea in Aspen, Colorado about lease options. To learn more from Jack visit

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Profits in Bank Chaos

Profits in Bank Chaos

How many smart bankers do you know??

Many would agree that we are in unprecedented times in the banking industry.  “Chaos equals Opportunity”

Let’s talk about how we got here for a bit  – find what types of opportunities have been created by this chaos – and then most importantly discuss some specific plans for capitalizing on this opportunity. (more…)

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Quixote Ventures, Inc.

What we do at Quixote Ventures, Inc. is as much an art as it is a financial science. Understanding how Real Estate and Note Investing works is not something you will learn overnight.

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.