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Enjoy Capitalism – Paper Source Event, Las Vegas NV

At my most recent presentation to the “Paper Source Event” in Las Vegas NV – I gave my state of the market opinions on the Non Performing Junior Lien but talked much more broadly about the big picture investing strategies

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The Hunting Club Podcast With Rick Harmon

Listen in as I talk with my friends and fellow investors/hunters Rick Harmon and Ellis San Jose – at my visit to “The Hunting Club”. It is a great summary of my overall investment strategy and history of the path I

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Jim Ingersoll Interview

Listen in on this talk I had with my friend and expert investor Jim Ingersoll from Virginia on investment strategies and the non performing junior lien business.

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The Five Tenets of Real Estate And Note Investing From The Masters

My goal and message for you for the new year – “The Voice of Reason” In my former life as a frustrated after tax wage slave, I committed to myself that I would do everything humanly possible to break free

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The Three Dragons

How to handle the modern real estate markets concerning inflation, taxes and greed.

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Living A Tax Life

Gordon Moss talks about understanding the tax code as it relates to your note investments.

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Land Trusts with Jack Shea

Gordon talks with Jack Shea in Aspen, Colorado about land trusts. To learn more from Jack visit www.JackSheaRealEstate.com

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An Interview with Noteworthy Publisher Jack Sternberg on Non Performing Notes (Video)

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Profits in Bank Chaos

Profits in Bank Chaos How many smart bankers do you know?? Many would agree that we are in unprecedented times in the banking industry.  “Chaos equals Opportunity” Let’s talk about how we got here for a bit  – find what

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The Second Annual Buying and Selling Distressed Mortgage Portfolios Forum

The Second Annual Buying and Selling Distressed Mortgage Portfolios Forum New York City, June 2011 Quixote Ventures traveled east in June to attend The Second Annual Buying And Selling Distressed Mortgage Portfolios Forum sponsored by the National Mortgage News at

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