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Real Estate and Note Investing Through VA Foreclosures

IT’S BAAACK !!!! After 8 years – the Trump administration VA Secretary has brought back the most powerful investment tool for building long term wealth in real estate and note investing that I know of… THE Veterans Administration VENDEE FINANCED

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Enjoy Capitalism – Paper Source Event, Las Vegas NV

At my most recent presentation to the “Paper Source Event” in Las Vegas NV – I gave my state of the market opinions on the Non Performing Junior Lien but talked much more broadly about the big picture investing strategies

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The Hunting Club Podcast With Rick Harmon

Listen in as I talk with my friends and fellow investors/hunters Rick Harmon and Ellis San Jose – at my visit to “The Hunting Club”. It is a great summary of my overall investment strategy and history of the path I

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Ten Amazing Insights into the Non Performing Notes business

At the Paper Source national event in Las Vegas Nevada – November 2014. Listen in as I give my best presentation yet on the state of the market in the non perming note space – Inspired by my mentor John

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Jim Ingersoll Interview

Listen in on this talk I had with my friend and expert investor Jim Ingersoll from Virginia on investment strategies and the non performing junior lien business.

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The Five Tenets of Real Estate And Note Investing From The Masters

My goal and message for you for the new year – “The Voice of Reason” In my former life as a frustrated after tax wage slave, I committed to myself that I would do everything humanly possible to break free

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Module 10 – Note Investment Mentoring Part 3

Learn about Note Investing in a 10 part program. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Module 10 – Note Investment Mentoring [1/10]

Learn about Note Investing in a 10 part program. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Jack Shea and Gordon Moss Talk Junior Lien and IRA Investing

Jack Shea is a legend in the real estate investing business (1031 Exchanges, Trusts, Options, etc.) and a great guy – Listen in as we discuss the junior lien and IRA investing business…

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The Three Dragons

How to handle the modern real estate markets concerning inflation, taxes and greed.

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