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San Diego Note Investment Club 2014 – Part 1

I recently talked at the San Diego Note Investors first meeting hosted by Gary Chung in Vista, CA. I was introduced by friend Rich Worchester and spoke about the current state of the national non performing jr lien marketplace after touring all of the investment and hedge funds across the country in the second quarter of 2014 and getting amazing and current updates and forecasts on what is happening right now and what we and others are predicting for the next several years – Is the market gone – absolutely NOT – this information will surprise you – also keen insight into the top funds that are actively buying and trading non performing notes across the country – DON’T MISS IT !!!

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Southern California Real Estate Investors Association – Happiness is Positive Cash Flow

San Diego Real Estate InvestorsSouthern California Real Estate Investors Association

July 14, 2011

Note Panel – “Happiness is positive cash flow”

Ontario CA

Quixote Ventures was humbled and honored by the opportunity to join the expert panel presenting at the recent investment club note panel at the Real Estate Investment Association club meeting in Ontario California last week.  “Happiness is positive cash flow” (more…)

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Quixote Ventures, Inc.

What we do at Quixote Ventures, Inc. is as much an art as it is a financial science. Understanding how Real Estate and Note Investing works is not something you will learn overnight.

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