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The Five Tenets of Real Estate And Note Investing From The Masters

My goal and message for you for the new year – “The Voice of Reason”

In my former life as a frustrated after tax wage slave, I committed to myself that I would do everything humanly possible to break free of my pathetic economic condition  –

As Jack Miller put so eloquently “I would rather eat bark off trees than say “yes sir” to someone I did not respect, ever again” this is exactly how I felt.

After much trial and failure I managed to track down who I consider to be “the masters of the real estate and note investing industry.”  They were all extremely smart, experienced, successful long term investors and had the highest levels of integrity.  I spent the next decades attending every event they offered – no matter where or what it took to get there.  I read and reread everything they wrote.  I built relationships with many of them and with other students in these meetings that I learned to trust and respect.  I now consider my friendships with these people to be among the most important assets in my life.  Do I know everything? far from it – but my rolodex has someone in it who has the answer to almost every challenge out there.  Let’s call it “relationship capital” and once again – it is by far the most valuable asset I have.

Are the great educational leaders of the industry still out there?  Yes, there are a few – but as always – the real estate and note investment education field is littered with self serving, greedy con men designed to cash in on the hype created by the current investment marketplace as unsuspecting, inexperienced investors are fleeced as they get caught up in their deceptive webs.

My goal is to provide “A Voice Of Reason”  to investors – Knowledge and experience are your best defense against being steered down the wrong path – I don’t have all of the answers – but I have and will continue to show you what is working for metoday. (more…)

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