The 20/20 Vision

Read the headlines or watched the national news lately?

ALL of our nation’s economic problems have been solved…

General Motors has once again established itself as the number one car maker in the world and Chrysler has repaid it’s billions of dollars in government loans early, and is back on track. Unemployment is on the way down, and the recession is officially over.

Do you believe all of this? … I DON’T

The fact is that there are trillions of dollars in looming debt hanging over our banking institutions, most in the form of delinquent and defaulted real estate loans. This will take years to work through.

So what – what does this mean to you and me? What is the “once in a lifetime opportunity” that the late night “get rich quick” real estate guru’s have been talking about. How does the average person understand and capitalize on these banker’s problems.

I have some ideas and thoughts on this subject – one of which I call –

“The 20/20 Vision”

Let me state it briefly:

By the year 2020, this current down business cycle will have corrected itself, and those that took action today will ride this upward wave and have created fortunes by investing in and holding real estate and notes.

I could show you a thousand charts and they all would tell you what you inherently already know inside – Business/Economic cycles are like a roller coaster – they go up and down over time. Guess where we are now in the cycle? Guess where we will be in 5 to 8 years?

Can you think like a successful “long term” investor? (they think in terms of ten year plans – not “quarterly returns” as do most of our failing financial advisors). If you can step out of this conventional frame of mind, than I can build you a road map to long-term wealth, passive income, and financial independence through long-term investments in real estate and notes.

There are a myriad of investment strategies and techniques that will allow you to build the right portfolio of assets. It is a matter of constantly searching for the new ways of attacking this fast changing market, mastering the techniques that work now, and then capitalizing on them.

Let me give you a great example – The biggest hurdle for the average “buy and hold” investor today is the complete absence of conventional, long term financing for investment property. How can you buy and hold the great bargains of today (unless you pay all cash) if no one will give you a loan?

What if I revealed the most overlooked and misunderstood secret to obtaining fixed, 4-5 %, 30 year investor financing with a 5 % down payment. Another unique aspect of this loan program is that there is no limit to the number of loans you can have – NO LIMIT. Think of the possibilities.

For more information on the above – Read my article – “The V A Foreclosure” and for many other insights – keep tuned in to my blog…

To your prosperity,

Gordon Moss