VA Foreclosure – The Map to your Goldmine

Real Estate Investing Through VA Foreclosures

The most attractive real estate investment opportunity for the average investor in today’s marketplace is a purchase of a well located and well constructed single family house through the V A foreclosure program.  I purchased my first VA foreclosure real estate investment in 1996 – and have NEVER seen a better time to invest than today.

A very unique opportunity exists today for the savvy and informed real estate investor. Normal cycles have always had high prices and low interest rates or low prices and high interest rates. Never before have we seen real estate prices and interest rates at such historical lows at the same time.

Let me give you an example of what a specific real estate investment opportunity in a VA foreclosure might look like in today’s real estate environment.  In a nice, newer, master planned subdivision of Las Vegas Nevada, a 3 bedroom, two bath, 1,400 square foot home sold for over $300,000 in 2006.  That same home was purchased for a little over $100,000 by an investor in 2011 through the V A foreclosure program.

With a 5% down payment, and a 5% fixed, fully amortizing 30 year investor loan this buyer obtained a 95% loan that will result in a total monthly payment far below the $1,000 monthly income this property will generate every month.

A few of the benefits included positive cash flow, excellent long term tenant selection (easy management), leverage, amortization, tax benefits, and an excellent potential for long term appreciation as this house was purchased below the cost to build it.  Show me another investment opportunity that compares with this – NOTHING comes close.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the VA Foreclosure process get started?

A U S Veteran purchases a home with the zero down V A benefit program and loses it later to foreclosure.  The VA foreclosure division that guarantees the loan takes it back and sells (with amazing investor financing) to the highest bidder.

Do I have to be a Veteran to buy these foreclosures?


Where do I find them?

Weekly list appears on a website – Google “VA Equator” then pick your area of interest

What is the bidding process?

Contact the listed Broker for the property of interest

What are the terms of these investor loans?

5% down payment (plus closing costs), 30 year fully amortizing loans at 4-5% interest rates

How do I qualify?

A single, national lender took over the financing program in 2009 – They can prequalify you in 20 minutes over the phone

How many V A foreclosure investor loans can I get?

Unlimited – think of the possibilities

Is it really that easy?

After more than 50 transactions – YES – The first couple, like anything else, take a bit of perseverance and guidance – we can offer the help you need…

Our group will be holding a one day training event where we will cover every detail on how to get started – Other highlights include…

  • Single Family Houses – The Best And Safest Real Estate Investment Vehicle Today
  • The 20/20 Vision – Why Now Might Be A Great Time To Invest
  • The V A Foreclosure – Step By Step Acquisition Process
  • Real Deals And Portfolios Of Investment Properties
  • Property Management
  • Questions And Answers

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