Profits in Bank Chaos

Profits in Bank Chaos

How many smart bankers do you know??

Many would agree that we are in unprecedented times in the banking industry.  “Chaos equals Opportunity”

Let’s talk about how we got here for a bit  – find what types of opportunities have been created by this chaos – and then most importantly discuss some specific plans for capitalizing on this opportunity.

The real estate and note investment pros that I know have seen the potential “ginormous” profits in the banking industry for decades and worked to find the unique deals that a traditional banker cannot see or cannot understand for the opportunities to make or take over private low risk loans for outstanding profits. This is the niche – become better (which frankly is not that hard to do) at making or taking over low risk, high margin loans than your local retail banker and you are on the path to creating a fortune.

Ever wonder why the few that master the “fix and flip” real estate business usually migrate to becoming a “hard money lender” for these same real estate flippers – it is simply because the lending business is much lower risk, much less work, and much more profitable.  Hmmm, something to think about, and this same idea might apply to most industries in business that we know of…

You might think ”but these bankers are very sophisticated, educated, savvy, smart and good business people (heck – some of them even wear three piece suits)”

How could I ever compete with them?

Let me ask you a couple of questions…

1 – Would you have made millions of loans to people that you were absolutely sure were lying on their applications, were no where close to approved underwriting standards for a successful loan, and had virtually no chance of paying you back?

Our banker friends did

2 – Would you have packaged these exciting loans together, fraudulently graded them as AAA quality, and sold them off to trusting and unsuspecting people at high premiums?

Our banker friends did…

As sophisticated, educated and savvy as these bankers seem to be – many have proven themselves incompetent and not worthy of our trust.

So that is the history in the rear view. Let’s talk for a bit about the opportunity created. What is the good news??

Many truly consider this a  “once in a lifetime opportunity” and it might even last long enough for you to take advantage of it.

Real estate values are down 65 percent plus in many great real estate markets on excellent, grade A quality properties.

Interest rates at below 4% – 50 year lows.

Rents are rising and vacancies dropping in many of these same markets.

My writing is not designed as a critic, or as a “pie in the sky” / “dream merchant”, B.S. guru – trying to sell you expensive air – but instead to give you specific plans of action so that you can capitalize on bank chaos in today’s market.

Here are two of the best directions I can find today (and I promise you I spend and have spent most of my waking and sleeping hours on this planet searching for the next good angle that works)

VA FORECLOSURES – If you have not read my article on this program – I suggest you do ––-the-map-to-your-goldmine/this is the best and only program like it for real estate investors on the planet for building wealth in real estate today.

NON PERFORMING NOTES – If you have not read my article on this niche – I suggest you do – and I will continue to write about this topic as I am convinced it is the best way I have found to capitalize on this bank chaos.

OK, let me wrap this up – Next time I will tell you some of my favorite banker stories and the true sense of satisfaction I get when I have the opportunity to play their game and win – until then…


To Your Prosperity,

Gordon  Moss

Quixote Ventures, Inc.