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July 14, 2011

Note Panel – “Happiness is positive cash flow”

Ontario CA

Quixote Ventures was humbled and honored by the opportunity to join the expert panel presenting at the recent investment club note panel at the Real Estate Investment Association club meeting in Ontario California last week.  “Happiness is positive cash flow” was the theme of this meeting – and I could not agree more with this theme (I thank my tenants and borrowers every day for their contributions to my positive cash flow – it is a wonderful thing – and very much worth every hour I spent studying, and every penny I invested in my real estate and cash flow note education).

The panel included Rick Harmon (moderator), Bill Tan, Ellis San Jose, Dawn Rickabaugh, and myself.  We answered questions regarding our respective niches in the real estate note business, discussed our backgrounds and how we got into the cash flow note business, covered the mechanics of the deals we do in today’s market, covered where we find the sources of investment money to fund our deals, and answered questions.

The moderator of the panel, Rick Harmon of the Suburban Group ( – is one of the most seasoned, experienced, and successful real estate note investors I know.  Over more than 20 years he has carved out a niche in the probate industry that has made him a subject matter expert in real estate investing, note paper, title, probate, and many other related fields.

Bill Tan, President of the San Diego Creative Real Estate Investors Association ( and seasoned real estate note investor, runs one of the best real estate investment clubs in the country.  Bill has decades of experience in the cash flow note investing field and has a very unique talent for teaching this business – he is a master at making the complicated simple so that anyone can understand.

Ellis San Jose, Partner – The Note Guys ( and co-founder of the  FIBI investment groups (For Investors By Investors) – with over 10 years experience in the note business is focusing on the unique opportunities we have in the “non-performing note” niche.

Dawn Rickabaugh – The Note Queen ( Dawn has become a pioneer in a niche of the note business that is in great demand in our current environment of very scarce conventional financing.  She is an expert in the field of “Seller Financing” assisting sellers with an option to sell their property quickly and for top dollar, which very few understand.

It was very encouraging to have a strong turnout for this meeting.  As in any field, the people who “go the extra mile” to learn and try to master their professions will come out on top.  The real estate and note investing markets have been hit very hard over the last few years and now more than ever is the time to search out the few niches that work now.  These challenging times will make fortunes for the few that refuse to be dragged down by the negative news and downward trends.  It is up to you to rise above the crowd and take responsibility for your own financial future and success.  Find the right mentors, build a realistic plan and write it down, pick a niche that interests you, work hard, persevere, and you can build a fortune that can bring you the independence and freedom you deserve.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Aaron and Ryan for building this excellent club – these guys are taking the wisdom of the masters in the real estate investment business and putting it into practice by taking “massive action” with their own investment model.

Keep an eye on these guys – they are going places.


To Your Prosperity,

Quixote Ventures Inc.

Gordon Moss