Trump University

I am not sure how I feel about this years candidates for president of the U S but the process is certainly not dull. Donald Trump’s – TRUMP UNIVERSITY is making the national headlines as ammunition for his opponents attack on his character and past business dealings. Trump University appears to be Donald Trump’s attempt to leverage his name and brand in the real estate education business. It appears he might have “outsourced” the fulfillment of the product and coaching to one of these national information marketing companies that are infamous for charging exorbinant fees and delivering very weak content that is taught and coached by amateurs.

This TRUMP UNIVERSITY issue reminds me of a spoof we did several years back with two of my good and very talented friends. Take a look and pass it on if you like it.

Real estate guru’s are a topic of great interest to me – and I have devoted an entire chapter to them in my latest book “The Greatest Myths of Real Estate And Note Investing”. Stay Tuned