Real Estate and Note Investing Through VA Foreclosures


After 8 years – the Trump administration VA Secretary has brought back the most powerful investment tool for building long term wealth in real estate and note investing that I know of… THE Veterans Administration VENDEE FINANCED FORECLOSURE PROGRAM.

Over the last decade I have become known as the Non Performing Junior Lien expert in the note investing world, but my first investment started in 1996 with the purchase of a V A Foreclosure.  Where else can you make a small 5% investment (Option) as a down payment on a quality 3/2 Single Family Residence (SFR) in a strong location and have the fixed 30 year V A Vendee financing allow your high quality, long term tenant, (Buy and Hold) the ability to cover your mortgage and pay the house off for you.


Real Estate Investment

$200k House Value

$10k Down Payment (5%)

$1,200 Monthly Mortgage Payment

(4.5% fixed 30 year Vendee loan)

$1,500 Monthly Rental Income


Note Investment

“Owner Will Finance at 20% down, 8%interest”

$40k Borrower Down Payment (20%)

$2k Per Month Borrower income (net $500)


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the VA Foreclosure process get started?

A U S Veteran purchases a home with the zero down V A benefit program and loses it later to foreclosure.  The VA foreclosure division that guarantees the loan takes it back and sells (with amazing investor financing) to the highest bidder.

Do I have to be a Veteran to buy these foreclosures?


Where do I find them?

Contact the listed Broker for the property of interest

What are the terms of these investor loans?

5% down payment (plus closing costs), 30 year fully amortizing, assumable loans at 4-5% interest rates

How do I qualify?

A single, national lender took over the financing program in 2019 – They can prequalify you 

How many VA foreclosure investor loans can I get?

Unlimited – let me say that again….  UNLIMITED

Is it really that easy? 

No – nothing in life is – get over EASY and get on with it – 


I will cover this opportunity with specific examples at my upcoming training event October 11 and 12, 2019 at the Tuscany hotel in Las Vegas Nevada – for more information and details please follow this link to Papersource Seminars