The 20/20 Vision

A 10 year real estate and note investing plan for 2020 – 2030

“Investors overestimate what can be achieved in ONE year (Get rich quick) and underestimate what can be achieved in TEN years (Get rich slow and steady)

Why the USA is still the perfect landscape for long term investment gains for the next ten years and beyond…

GEOPOLITICS – We are “prisoners of our geography” as a famous book states and the US has the best geography and the least worst political system on the planet.

DEMOGRAPHICS – It’s about young people coming up and contributing to an expanding economy through production and consumption that make an economy grow –  and these numbers can be easily tracked by historical birth rates in a country. The US has very good demographic future growth numbers.

“MAGANOMICS” – Lowest unemployment rates, strongest growth numbers in recent history, recognition and the will to address our biggest global challenges (China, among others) will steer us clear of a recession into continued untapped prosperity (largest energy producer in the world, etc.) for the foreseeable future

The US is also as strong as it has been in a tumultuous world littered with bad actors – Our best odds of avoiding conflict are at these times when we are perceived as a formidable, willing and capable force – I don’t see a major military conflict on the horizon.

SO… If a recession and/or a war are not on the horizon…

AND… keep in mind that (even if we are wrong) market dips can be opportunities that disciplined long term investors capitalize upon

If the landscape is stable – what opportunities should the prudent investor pursue ?

Make small (OPTION) investments on real estate and notes on the best collateral on earth (well located SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES) and hold them FOREVER.  The aberration in today’s market are all time low interest rates which allow the investor to make very small down payments on fixed 30 year fully amortizing 4 percent loans which allows this well located single family residence to do it’s job… which is – TO ATTRACT SOLID LOW MAINTENANCE TENANTS OR BORROWERS TO LET THE HOUSE PAY FOR ITSELF.

An example of this opportunity in today’s marketplace??

Read our post on The Veterans Administration foreclosure

This program is soo simple it is almost “done for you” – I personally bought over 30 of these VA foreclosures over the last 20 years – and have done very well.

Don’t like the landlord game – or maybe you are a bit more sophisticated “note investor” type – turn these VA’s into a very profitable and safe note investment.

Are you a pro? – well maybe go learn the non performing niche and take these loans at a fraction of their value and/or take the property “Subject To” someone else’s debt and have zero risk in the deal.

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