Gordon Moss
Quixote Ventures Research Institute

“A Unique Approach To The Perfect Financial Storm”

Gordon began his career in real estate in 1985 as a commercial real estate broker in Orange County California.   He has been an avid student of the masters of all facets of the real estate and investing business for over 25 years.  He now owns and manages a portfolio of properties and notes full time and today is very passionate and active in what he believes is the best real estate and note investment opportunity we will see in our lifetimes.

These 25 years of experience and focus give a unique perspective and Gordon takes great pride in the fact that he has a unique ability to make money in any real estate market.  Over the last several years he has studied, developed, refined, and mastered several creative techniques that have allowed him to prosper and grow while avoiding the land mines in a very challenging and risky declining real estate marketplace.  Additionally, he has dusted off a few time tested methods of building a fortune that work now better than they ever did – but are overlooked or not understood by the real estate investing community.  He enjoys writing, speaking and mentoring serious investors as a way for him to give back as his mentors did for him.

He is a published author in several key industry publications (including “The Paper Source”) and a frequent speaker and panelist at real estate, note, and investment clubs and meetings.

His soon to be published book “Performance Anxiety – a tale of 50 non performing notes” is a current chronicle of today’s non performing note business and creating a fortune in this unique opportunity.


Cammy Jenson at Paper Source Event
“He has done such a great job at creating a foundation for people like myself who are new to real estate and note investing. I come from corporate America and am looking for another avenue to generate passive income. He does an amazing job at walking through the foundation and then getting into the nuts and bolts of it… would highly recommend, if you have a chance to see Gordon Moss. He is amazing!”
Keith Modan at Paper Source Event
“It is not really about complicated terms. Its been about simple concepts, and executing those concepts…and some details about troubles that you may have along the way, and solving those potential problems… Gordon has done a great job of facilitating us meeting other investors… In short, if you are thinking about coming to one of these, I would definitely highly recommend it.”
portrait of Dr. Michael Balinski
Dr. Michael Balinski at Paper Source Event in San Diego
“I have been following Gordon for quite a while. I bought his book and it was written not just in English, but he wrote English that you can understand. I then decided to come to a seminar… It’s everything I expected it to be and more. He is a wonderful guy, he speaks clearly, and I believe you can take his information and make money with it.”
Jim Livingston portrait at Paper Source Event
Jim Livingston
“Lots of good and amazing stuff. Things I never considered. Things that give me an idea of where to go and what to do. I’m actually a seasoned real estate investor, about 20 years’ worth. And this is adding a whole new level of complexity, as well as a great opportunity for what I can look at going forward.”
Scott White
“This online class is a must for anyone who wants to get started in the defaulted note business. Even if you are an experienced real estate professional you will need the specialized training of this class if you are going to work on defaulted notes. Do not start your non-performing note business without taking this class.”
Morgan Rogers
“Gordon’s course was essential to me in building the foundations of my note investment business. His course took me from start to finish, from purchasing the notes through servicing the notes, and everything between. I was able to take advantage of Gordon’s several years of experience and confidently start my own note investment business. In addition to his course material, I gained access to his network of business associates including note sellers, attorneys, loan servicers, consultants, and many others which was a great benefit. What I most appreciate is that even after completing the course, Gordon is always willing to answer your questions. I would not have the confidence today in my note investment business if not for Gordon Moss’ course and his ongoing support. “