Mastery of Real Estate and Note Investing Presentation – November 2019

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The 20/20 Vision

A 10 year real estate and note investing plan for 2020 – 2030 “Investors overestimate what can be achieved in ONE year (Get rich quick) and underestimate what can be achieved in TEN years (Get rich slow and steady) Why

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A “Note” To The Non-Performing Note Naysayers

The mortgage meltdown debacle of the last decade brought a unique opportunity in non-performing notes to the traditional note investment business – an opportunity most of the old school note experts did not take advantage of… To this day I hear

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For the first (and maybe only) time – Gordon will be teaching a live two day event!

Mastering Real Estate and Notes Investing: A Game Changer The story of what we have done and what we are doing now – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY –WHY WE DO IT I’m known as the non-performing junior lien expert, but this real estate

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Real Estate and Note Investing Through VA Foreclosures

IT’S BAAACK !!!! After 8 years – the Trump administration VA Secretary has brought back the most powerful investment tool for building long term wealth in real estate and note investing that I know of… THE Veterans Administration VENDEE FINANCED

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The Asymetrical Option

Outback Rein April 2018

The Ultimate Option – The Non Performing Junior Lien

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Gordon Moss – Las Vegas 2017


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Trump University

I am not sure how I feel about this years candidates for president of the U S but the process is certainly not dull. Donald Trump’s – TRUMP UNIVERSITY is making the national headlines as ammunition for his opponents attack