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So you want to buy me coffee, lunch or otherwise ‘pick my brain?’

I used to receive phone calls from people who wanted advice on how to make money, for free. They’d tell a long tale of woe and, after getting to the point, I’d offer my suggestion(s). To my amazement, many would want to debate the advice and, in the end, would take no action anyway. I’ve invested many, many thousands of dollars on my education and one thing is for certain: There ain’t no free lunch!

As you can imagine, I’m an active investor and entrepreneur with a full schedule and to be frank, many people competing for time and attention. So, it’s just not possible to talk to everyone.

If your question is important enough for you to invest $150 for fifteen (15) minutes or $250 for thirty (30) minutes of my consulting time, then click on the button below to complete your purchase, and then we’ll set up your appointment.*


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