Non Performing Notes

Non-Performing Real Estate Notes

Non-Performing Real Estate Notes What is a unique and abundant opportunity in our real estate and note investment market today? – the non-performing real estate note.  Banks today are saddled with a tremendous glut of defaulted and under performing real estate paper.  Contrary to the belief of some – banks are not in the “bad …

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The 20/20 Vision

Read the headlines or watched the national news lately? ALL of our nation’s economic problems have been solved… General Motors has once again established itself as the number one car maker in the world and Chrysler has repaid it’s billions of dollars in government loans early, and is back on track. Unemployment is on the …

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Real Estate and Note Investing!

Real Estate and Note Investing for Dummies, Wise People If you’ve followed the world of real estate investing in recent years you’ve seen winners and lose change positions often in the battle for acquisitions, cash flow and ROI. What we do at Quixote Ventures, Inc.  is as much an art as it is a financial …

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