That’s the feedback we got from our live two day event from Las Vegas Last October. Mastery of Real Estate and Note Investing was the Title of our Sold Out event at $800 a seat. 

We recorded the 8 hours of the live event in which we covered everything from fundamental and key overall investing philosophy from masters of this industry to specific strategies and tactics we have developed over 35 years of trial and error. 

We started with the fundamentals and concepts that MUST be understood that have built our foundation as INVESTORS and then dug deep into the simple “almost done for you” strategies like the veterans administration foreclosure and then went all the way out into space and covered the non performing junior lien in a simple fundamental way using keep empathy and story telling so that ALL levels of investors could understand and appreciate.

So How could you be there? We decided to not be selfish and share this event with the world for $597 until October 5th, 2020!

This course was recognized as a “Game Changer” in this unique niche and made a huge difference in the lives of our successful students. 

Package Includes