Performance Anxiety: Create a Fortune Investing in Non-Performing Real Estate Loans

Performance Anxiety is a story for those who believe that adversity creates opportunity and that small fortunes can still be made by those who can think “out of the box” and are willing to do what it takes to persevere and turn creative ideas and concepts into a successful new reality. Let this small book – a high-level story of my own successful journey – introduce you to a concept and strategy that most of the most sophisticated financiers in the world do not understand.

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Mastery of Real EstateMastery of Real Estate & Note Investing

As many of you have requested, I have created this program exclusively for buyers of Non Performing Junior Liens. This niche is very specific and requires a unique set of skills, focus, strategy, and the right mindset, dedication, and direction for success.

I have focused almost exclusively on this unique niche for over three years with excellent results. Along with my 26 plus years of experience in the real estate and investing fields, I have sought out and learned from the most successful and competent instructors and active players in this Non Performing Junior Lien niche (nationwide hedge funds, investment groups, servicing companies, etc.).

My investment in time and resources is paying off handsomely for us and I plan to unveil our entire business plan, tactics, strategies and the exact details of this business in this course.

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– 8 hours of sold-out event video

– Topics to include the entire business plan and all details required

– The Big Picture Strategy – Why Notes? Why Now? Why Seconds?

– Analyzing and Purchasing a Non Performing Junior Lien

– Waking Up The Borrower – Biggest Challenge

– The Workout Process – “The Art of the Deal”

– Exit Strategies – More Possibilities for Profit

– Re-performing Notes – Cash Flow or Cash Out Now

– Loan Servicing – The Realities

– Advanced Strategies and Tactics

Goals and Objectives

I have worked very hard to find a niche that works in today’s challenging real estate marketplace.  My goal is to find a few very serious and dedicated investors/students who truly understand what it takes to be successful in any business.  These students will have a background in real estate and the time and energy to focus on this course and profitably exiting their notes.  The group will benefit from my own personal, hands-on experience as well as the mutual experiences of all of the group’s members as we work through the challenges of our members’ non performing note workouts.

If you are committed contact me and we will set up a meeting to discuss the details of this program and make sure that this will be a good fit for you and for us.  This group will be limited to a very small group environment.